Slips, Trips & Falls

It is very usual for someone who has just fallen or slipped and injured themselves to jump back up their feet as quickly as possible, shrug off what happened and hide their embarrassment from any witnesses or bystanders.  While this is a perfectly natural reaction – it is not always the best course of action.  If you are injured in this way and find yourself unable to work or with mounting medical bills you should make sure you do the following:

Report the Accident

Make sure that the relevant authorities or owner of the building where you fell are aware that an accident has taken place. If you did not report the accident at the time of your slip or fall then do go back to the premises and report it as soon as possible. If a local authority is to blame then please contact us immediately as special rules apply to these cases. However, be sure that you do not sign any documents until you have taken legal advice.

See your Doctor/GP

Visit your doctor immediately and report your fall.  This visit should not include a discussion with your doctor about any other medical issues.  The reason for this visit is to obtain medical treatment for the injuries you sustained in the accident .If you discuss other medical problems with your doctor you run the risk of your doctor not recording the fact that you sustained your injuries in an accident which could affect your case at a later stage.  It is also important that you follow any medical advice given to you by your doctor.

Gather Evidence

As soon as possible after the accident has happened, take photographs of the scene of the accident. If you are unable to do this then have a family member do it for you. We  generally attend at the scene of the accident with the client as we are experienced in photographing evidence. Also sometimes a client might feel intimidated in returning to the scene of an accident alone.

If there are CCTV cameras at the site of the accident please contact us immediately so that we can request a copy of the footage as quickly as possible, before it has been deleted.

If there were any witnesses to your accident, make sure that you get their contact details and pass them on to us, memories fade fast so it is important to capture witness statements as early as possible.

If you have been injured in a slip, trip or fall accident do not delay, download our guide now to ensure that you do not damage your claim* in any way.