The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (P.I.A.B.)

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (P.I.A.B.) was originally set up after insurance companies got together and successfully lobbied the government to appoint a statutory  body which would allow people who have been injured in an accident to take a claim by themselves without the benefit of a Solicitor. However, in practice this rarely happens and in our own expert opinion it would be very foolish for a person to go through the P.I.A.B. process without the benefit of a solicitor’s advice and practical know how.

As the law currently stands all personal injury claims* must go through the PIAB process before any legal proceedings can be issued. There are some exceptions to this and you should seek legal advice as to whether or not the exceptions apply to your case.

Our policy is that we will always attempt a settlement of your case if you are recovering well from your injuries and you do not require any further medical treatment. We see no reason to delay the settlement of a case in those circumstances. We have never met a client who wants to wait for their compensation!

If no settlement can be reached or if your injuries or out of pocket expenses are still ongoing then we will put your case forward to P.I.A.B. on your behalf, in the strongest possible manner. We will also protect and guide you through the process of the P.I.A.B. medical examination process. Once an assessment is made as to the value of your claim* we will advise you on the fairness of it and give you detailed advice as to whether or not you should accept or reject it.