EBS Data Breach

Are you one of the 16,000 mortgage account holders who received a letter from the EBS stating that they had made a mistake on their mortgage account involving the reporting of missed payments on their account to the Irish Credit Bureau? If so you may be entitled to compensation for this data beach.

Which category of claimant do you fall into:

1. Inaccurate reporting/ data breach: If you have had your data rights breached but you have suffered no known consequences other than having a bad credit rating registered against you with the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB).

2. Credit refusal/ Loss of job where a good credit rating is required: if you have had your data rights breached and if you applied for finance or credit and have had your application refused. This breach could also have resulted in the loss of a job that you applied for, especially if the job was in the area of finance or banking where a clean credit rating with the ICB is required. This breach could have been going on for more than 7 years. Therefore, to decide if you fall into this category, it is important to take stock of what loans, shop credit, or credit cards etc that you applied for during this time to see if your bad credit rating resulted in your application being denied.

3. Additional financial or emotional consequential loss: If you have had your data rights breached, were  refused finance or credit as a result of this breach but you also suffered some other financial loss or emotional distress as a result of not getting this finance. This could include the loss of a business for example or the breakdown of a relationship over such financial distress or having to access high interest loans as an alternative to the credit or finance that you were refused.

4. History with EBS since the last recession: If you found yourself in financial difficulty during, or following, the last recession and were put under huge pressure from the EBS to meet your monthly mortgage payments with little or no empathy extended to you. If you made your mortgage repayments a priority, which for many of you involved huge sacrifice and personal distress and now you find that despite all of that distress and hardship you were still given a bad credit rating through absolutely no fault of your own? Then you fall into this category. Many of you will fall into both categories 3 and 4.

So what can you do?

  1. Get your good credit rating rating restored. It is essential that you ensure that your credit rating has in fact been restored to good standing since this breach. 
  2. Make a claim for compensation if you are entitled to. The best way to see if you are entitled to a claim is to call us on 012444410 to see if you are entitled to take a claim for compensation.

How do I get started?

Simply call us on 01 2444410 and we will assess your personal circumstances to see if you are entitled to take a case.