How much is my case worth?

How much your case is worth depends on a number of factors:

  1. The severity of your Injuries as outlined in your medical reports and records.
  2. Whether your injuries have resolved or whether they are on-going and require further treatment.
  3. How much your injuries affect your day to day life.
  4. Whether you are partly to blame for the accident. This is called contributory negligence and this can result in a reduction of the value of your case. So for example in the case of a slip and fall in a restaurant if there is evidence that you were  wearing extremely high heels that contributed to your accident you may have the value of your claim reduced by the level of blame that you are deemed to have for the accident.
  5. The quality of the evidence put forward by you, your doctors and other expert witnesses and those of the insurance company.
  6. If you have had any previous claims, especially if the injuries you are suffering now are the same as those suffered in the previous accident.
  7. Your credibility as a witness. If the Defendant or insurance company carry out a  private investigation or even a Facebook search on you and they find evidence that is damaging to your reputation or shows an inconsistency in how you say your accident happened or how bad your injuries are this could lower the value of your claim.
  8. The current level of awards for similar injuries being given in the Courts and in the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. (PIAB).
  9. The cost of your out of pocket expenses connected to your accident and any on-going loss of earnings or expenses that you will require in the future.

Our job is to get you the highest level of compensation possible for your injury. We will let you know if your expectations are realistic by taking all of the above factors into account.

We routinely obtain record levels of compensation for our clients in both the Circuit and High Courts. We have acted for many medical negligence, catastrophic and fatal injury cases where we have set new precedents in Ireland for the level of compensation awarded to these clients.

Preparation, preparation, preparation….

Even though we settle most of our cases we always prepare every single case as if it is going to court from the very first day that you come in to talk to us. This is so that we will systematically and diligently gather together the evidence you will require to win your case. Remember, winning compensation is no accident